Photo credit: Steve Ericson

Photo credit: Steve Ericson

I have held a variety of positions in my relatively short career including office positions, retail, contract work, working for the state, and I've volunteered my time for good causes.  I've had the opportunity to represent employers to high-ranking clients, executives, and interest groups.

I have lived and worked in multiple states, adding to my flexibility of employment. As shown in my education, I’ve acquired education in multiple disciplines (and still adding!) to diversify my offerings.

My areas of interest include technology, psychology, academic research, debate, travel, tourism, and policy (both political and business).

Areas of expertise include:

  • Merchandising, both on a set route and store-centric.

  • Copy editing for tone, consistency with brand, accuracy, and grammar/spelling.

  • Video captioning for clarity, ease of reading, and compliance with the ADA.

  • Conducting research utilizing publicly available information and providing lay analysis.

  • IT Support: Building computers from scratch, installing an operating system, and configuring components for the end user. Troubleshooting issues involving hardware and software. Setting up new mobile devices, troubleshooting existing issues, and assisting in helping a user prepare their mobile device for sale or recycling.

Recent Work Experience

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Merchandising Execution Associate
Duties:  Product and bay maintenance in addition to completing projects and resets based on planograms and other instructions. Worked with store departments to balance inventory and verify product counts. Appointed to safety captain to foster a safe and productive work environment.

Student Officer:  Vice President
Duties:  Create the student organization from the foundation, secure campus resources for organizational use, hold office hours for students wanting more information, collaborated with other officers plan and execute events, created promotional material for distribution around campus.

Audio/Visual Technician
Duties:  Deployed and configured classroom technology and troubleshooted issues as they arose.  Trained incoming technicians on duties, policies, and procedures relating to the department and the college.  Filmed events occurring on and off-campus including adding captions to ensure accessibility.


I've been fortunate to have earned two and four year-degrees in a variety of disciplines.

Honor Societies

As a result of good academic performance, I earned induction into three honor societies based on GPA after transfer, academic performance the semester after a transfer, and having a high GPA at matriculation.


My work experience has afforded me the opportunity to work on projects aimed at improving a service, starting a new endeavor, or developing a new skill to add to my resume.